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Deep Crimson Butterfly: Thoughts, Rant, and an Insight.

Personal opinions on the Fatal Frame Remake! :) I am open to feedback via asks or reblogs. It’s totally fine to take your own viewstance, provided that we all keep it mature/civil.

It honestly doesn’t matter to me that it’s not released in the USA. I can play PAL/JPN/USA games on my Wii, so of course I’m going to go out and get it. Anyone who’s played Fatal Frame IV can get the game too, since your Wii is now unlocked. Unlocking your Wii isn’t hard at all, and it is completely free to do so. I’m not telling you how, because…Google can explain it better than I can. The fact that there’s British accents doesn’t bother me at all; and I seriously thought it would. It grew on me, just like the controls did on FFIV for the Wii. It takes time. Give it time before you start whining about ~THEY SOUND BRITISH~. If you gave it time and you’re still not nuts about it, keep giving it time. It might grow on you, or it might not. You can’t decide you hate an entire meal just because you didn’t like the appetizer. There’s still the main course and desserts. 

The downside is knowing that yeah, Tecmo isn’t going to release it for the USA that we know of yet. But the fact that it’s in ALL ENGLISH (albeit dubbed) is the important/key point. Complaining and starting “petitions” are okay, to a par. If you keep it mature and level headed, which some do; that is perfectly acceptable. If you email Nintendo/Tecmo/whoever constantly and ask the question “OMG WHEN ARE WE GETTING DCB TO USA!!!!”, then…you make the entire Fatal Frame fandom seem like whiny bitches who aren’t satisfied by anything. Which…isn’t true. We’re not. We’re happy that Tecmo decided to a) put out a new game, even if it’s a remake, b) RELEASE SAID GAME OUTSIDE OF JAPAN, and c) put it in English for our non-Japanese speaking-and-reading people. 

The only two options currently and they can and probably will change: a) Buy the European version and deal with the accents, or b) Buy the Japanese version and either pray for a translation patch, or figure out the game yourself. There POSSIBLY might be an option to put the original Japanese audio back. There might not be. I DON’T KNOW and I’m not bullshitting people by saying “oh yeah there is!”, because then I get attacked for being wrong. 

Emailing Tecmo and Nintendo constantly is not going to do anything; I’m afraid. You are really only wasting their time and making it seem like we’re unsatisfied with things. I get that you’re frustrated; and I respect that. If you absolutely have to protest, you should do it in a civil, mature manner. Email them when you have significant evidence and support behind you, and do it politely and civilly. Don’t bother them every single day. That’s incredibly childish and goes back to making the entire fandom look desperate and unsatisfied. (People can, do and will judge the entire fanbase based on your actions and you as a person.)

Remember: TECMO DIDN’T HAVE TO MAKE AN ENGLISH VERSION AT ALL. We could’ve had another Fatal Frame IV fiasco. Yeah, it “sucks” and is “unfair” that there’s so far a PAL(+AU)/JPN release; but at the same time…the game is in English.

The menus are in English.
The items are in English.
EVERYTHING IS IN ENGLISH FOR ONCE. No patches needed. No importing the copy from Ebay where it’s $90+ for a used game. No praying some used videogame store has it.

We should be happy that there’s an English release, in the end. Yeah, it’s nice to say “man I wish there was a USA version”, but sometimes it’s a good thing the lightning struck only once. Sometimes there are things in life you have to just take at value and run like the wind. This is one of them.

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